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What is the best Web3 platform for creating your own cryptocurrency

Updated: Dec 11, 2022

Creating your own cryptocurrency is a great tool, if you have a great startup idea on the one hand, and you need investment in form of money on the other (and not to mention: traffic, followers, leads, etc.).

For example, let's mention our projects. We have several commercial and social web platforms, and to each of our supporters (investor, member, promoter, content creator, sharer, subscriber, etc.), depending on the platform and their support, for each of their activities, we give a certain number from our Stater MKD cryptocurrency.

Let's say you are a talented writer and you write nice blog articles for one of the niches on our blog. For each of your new blog articles you will get 33 Stater MKDs, 1 Stater MKD for each view of your article, 3 Stater MKDs for each reaction on your article, and 5 Stater MKDs for each comment under your article.

Next, we invest all the funds from the monetization of our platforms and from the sale of our cryptocurrency in the construction of photovoltaic systems for a certain production capacity in RN Macedonia (helping to become energy independent) and with this we buy a minimum of 1/3 ownership of the company in which we have invested, and each next year we return 97% of the profit to the liquidity pool of our cryptocurrency, and thereby contribute to its value constantly growing, and thus we return 97% of our profit to you, our supporters.

So, you have a great idea, you know how you will optimally use your cryptocurrency, and now you are in the phase of creating the cryptocurrency, registering and deploying it on a certain blockchain, determining its value, setting it up on a decentralized exchange, etc.

All this requires certain prior knowledge (programming, Web3 technology, digital marketing, entrepreneurship, etc.), so depending on your position and conditions, you can do this in many different ways.

For example, if you have at least some basic knowledge of a command line software, you can create your cryptocurrency on the Solana blockchain, by following their documentation or by watching this video tutorial:

On the other hand, if you don't have any basic programming skills, there are several Web3 platforms with a user-friendly interface where you can create your own cryptocurrency with simple drag and drop tools and solutions, for example the DexLab platform.

After that, you need to give your token a value, i.e. to create a liquidity pool. You can do that on the Raydium, but keep in mind that you will need to deploy at least $10 000 in the pool, if you want for your token to be tradable.

So, you have a great startup idea, but you don't have any knowledge in command prompt software, and you don't have more than $500 - $600 for the deployment of your token (not to mention a minimum of $10,000 for the liquidity pool)?

Ok then, we advice you to visit MintMe, register and start creating your cryptocurrency, where all you need is a good idea and creativity in compensation for money.

And in relation to creating and developing your own cryptocurrency on MintMe, visit our YouTube channel MintMe Academy - Stater MKD and watch our tutorials.

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