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To make the production facilities in the RN Macedonia energy independent and competitive, using the modern Web3 Technology!

Our Projects

For any contribution you make to our projects (visiting, subscribing, creating content, sharing, commenting, selling, buying, investing, writing a review, etc.), we reward you with a certain amount of our crypto currency "Stater MKD", and thus you become our shareholder!

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This is our crypto currency and the instrument by which we fairly distribute the shares of our company to each of you according to your merit.

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А web platform for import-export and wholesale of goods by the companies from the Balkan Peninsula. Become our promoter, vendor, subscriber, buyer and get your shares!

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This is our social network. We don't track your behavior and we reward you for every single activity, visit us!

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A web platform for retail sales and door-to-door delivery for the territory of the Republic of North Macedonia.

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This is our platform for organizing online, physical and hybrid cultural events. Become our organizer of cultural events or buy a ticket for an event, and get your shares!

Best Choice

CGM Affiliate Store

Order a certain product from the products we recommend in this platform, and for every euro you spend, get one Stater MKD, and thus become our shareholder!

Our Team

We are a powerful team made up of experienced entrepreneurs who are experts at finding great ideas in which to invest. Our efforts are focused on selecting companies with huge potential.

Business meeting

Business Tours

Do you want us to organize a business tour around the RN Macedonia for You, and to arrange You business meetings with the responsible personalities of the most successful companies from RN Macedonia in the field of your interest?

Please take a moment to fill out the form.

Thanks for submitting! We will contact you, and come back to you with an offer in the next 24 hours!

Souvenir Shop

For every Euro spent for a souvenir with our logo,

you get an additional 1 Stater MKD, and thus you become our Shareholder!

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